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We thought it might be useful to provide an example of a real life case study to illustrate how our services can be used in conjunction with each other, and over a period of time, to assist you in progressing your career to where you want it to be in the short, medium and long term.

Client success story:

Our client is an ambitious and well educated young professional. When she contacted Stand Tall Consulting, she had already steadily progressed to the position of Senior Industry Analyst for a leading global advisory firm. She felt that she had reached a point where she couldn't really progress further with her employer and she also had some frustrations with her role. She wasn't in a real hurry to leave her position, but knew that it was time to start looking. However, she wasn't sure about which direction to take next. A colleague of hers put her in touch with us and this is how we have assisted her to date:

She had two career coaching sessions, the second a month after the first. The sessions were really productive and helped our client to see things from a different perspective and with clarity, in order to identify her end career goal. We discussed the gaps between where her career is now and where she would like it to be, and put step by step action plans in place to help her on her way in improving her current situation and at the same time, working towards securing the next step in her career. Each session was followed up to ensure the action plans were being met and to discuss her progress and positive changes made, as well as any issues or obstacles.

The coaching resulted in a more purposeful and proactive approach to job hunting in relation to the target role and responsibilities, industry and potential employers, whilst not losing sight of opportunities for further progression and moving closer towards the end goal. The coaching also assisted in creating more time, both at work and in her personal life, through being more focused and learning to prioritise.

The next step was to create a new CV to reflect and support our client's objectives and to optimise her chances of achieving interview.

Our client was offered a position within the target industry which ticked most of the boxes which needed ticking! These included industry, accountability to lead and drive projects, team management and promise to grow the team further, a more strategic focus and higher salary. At this point, our client contacted us again to review the offer letter and employment contract and assist in negotiating the offer. We identified points for clarification and any additional information required in order to enable our client to make a more informed decision. We also provided advice in relation to negotiating the salary and overall salary package and reviewed our client's response letter.

The result: The employer accepted our client's terms, resulting in an increase of 14% on her current salary and a role which would be the perfect stepping stone in line with her long term career objectives.

Coaching sessions are ongoing with this client as she continues to keep her eye on that end goal.

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